DIY dip-dyed salad spoons

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Now these aren’t actually dip-dyed salad spoons, ‘but they do have that dip-dyed look. The how-to is so easy that it needs little explaining, which is a relief since I’ve been struggling with my writing. What is the remedy? I’m at a loss, people. But I do have these cute spoons. 

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Right on Target: Top finds for the holidays

try small things

Note: This post is sponsored by Target (one of my faves and yours!)

I don’t want to survive the holidays, I want to enjoy them. For me, the key is all in the pacing. Too much to do all at once and I crumble like a Christmas cookie. So I try to focus on the couple of things that make Christmas Christmassey for me and work at them little by little. One thing that helps a tonne: being able to pick up my supplies all in one place. Can you guess which one? That’s right, Target! Here are my favourite finds for the must-do’s on my list.

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Pillow, arrangement, ribbon and white and gold wrapping paper, Target

DECORATING  I have trouble keeping on top of the house at the best of times, so I really prefer a more minimal approach to holiday decor. I love the hits of…

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